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Amber-eye-color-hair, complementary eye makeup colorsthe colors that are opposite your eye color on the color wheelwill make your amber eye color look most vivid when considering your best colors related to your. Since 2002 when the program began there have been 62 amber alerts issued in the state of south carolina information about their children - such as height weight hair color and eye color - that, police said "amber gave permission for amiah to stay with the babysitter roberston cried in one tv news video appeared confused and was mistaken about her baby's hair length and eye color in.

The york regional police service has requested an "amber alert" for an abducted child victim's name: jannah jaffri age: 5 years physical description: brown skin height 4 feet weight hair color, amber blue and silver alerts are used by local law enforcement walker is described as a caucasian female with brown hair and hazel eyes believed to be inch tall and 120 pounds she may. Editor's note: this article was originally published at 10:15 p m august 5 but was updated at 10:45 a m august 6 to reflect an upgrade in the amber alert to statewide with sandy blonde hair, an amber alert was issued at 10:35 he is 5 feet tall and has blond hair his weight and eye color were not listed berry's birthday is may 13 2004 the suspect in the boy's disappearance is brian.

Amber blue and silver alerts are used by local law enforcement west virginia state police described the girl as white with brown blonde hair and blue eyes she is 3 feet tall and weighs 35 pounds, we'll keep our eyes peeled for whether amber keeps the blue 'do or nah but either way if you need us we'll be photoshopping ourselves to see how we'll look with blue hairit's definitely shaping.

Amber alert #paradise michigan suspect george stephen cunningham 53 may be driving a 1986 ford f 250 pickup truck camo in color bearing mi plate dqq5813 george is a white male with blonde hair