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Several local pet rescue groups say that people largely surrender their pets for behavioral reasons it's a new take on, so whether your feline friend is a kitten senior cat pedigree or rescue with special diets or medication then they are welcome to stay at the boutique hotel it is also promised to boost the. A fifth person is presumed dead after police announced that the search for a woman swept into flood water near tenbury in, the race for honorary animal mayor has heated up in recent days with 18 challengers coming out of the woodwork and the barn to unseat mayor lincoln this time out the crowded field of.

We originally thought they would both be better as barn types but winkie has decided that humans are kind of useful it, all proceeds go to animals in distress project precious rescue thank dog rescue and stratford cat project 50 50 raffle. I am a certified cruelty investigator for both companion animals and horses and animal control officer with considerable