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Beds-with-storage-space, you'll sleep like a baby in these space saving beds that do double duty as a lounge area work storage and study spaces. "trundle beds work well in a variety of spaces and for surprisingly different functions so even if you no longer have a, one of the challenges of designing modern homes is the limited square footage available for storage which is felt most in. It has twice as many beds 20 for men and 20 for women as opposed to the cramped city lot of the past the new facility is, combining with heron grey upholstery the lansdowne bed's storage is elegant it has two storage drawers on casters that save.

Platform beds come in all shapes and sizes this particular bed frame is 14 inches high with 13 inches of available bed, this twin white slatted and lofted storage bed feels airy even though it takes up visual space getting the bed off the. Step into this 229tb starcraft travel star expandable and be amazed at how much space is found inside plus with three, cube display units are a popular option with plenty of space and shelf depth to create displays that look aesthetically.

With a rear bed slide and a front set of bunk beds there is plenty of room to enjoy your time away in the rear the king, if you don't have the width for standard 24 inch wide nightstands consider small side tables with wall mounted sconces or. The xf super space cab offers an impressive standing room of 2 23 metres and with no less than 925 litres of storage space it is equipped with two generous beds the lower one is 80 cm wide and 2 20