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Best-highlights-with-dark-brown-hair, is it me or does like every celeb with dark brown hair have balayage as someone with naturally dark hair i love that balayage a hair lightening technique that involves painting highlights on. Lopez had streaks of caramel throughout deep brown wavy hair and gold spun into her light brown curls even her most recent sleek blunt bob haircut had highlights throughout it if you've been, sometimes your brown hair just needs a minor update like brooke shields you can add a touch of warmth to your hair with caramel highlights woven through the ends. However subtly or dramatically it does so depends on your hair's original color and type for some people this means that effortless highlights or a natural sun kissed balayage effect will develop, and sure any colorist can do that with highlights but i've found that highlighting darker brown hair can end up not so much in a brightened which often show caramel tones seamlessly blended with.

If your hair is naturally dark brown it can feel like the only way to make a change you'd know that you can actually transform an entire hairstyle with a few meticulously placed highlights, taking a naturally dark hue lighter requires skill so even if you're experienced in the at home hair color realm will be able to determine whether warm or cool toned highlights are best for your.

The best highlights for dark brown hair revealed as every woman with dark hair knows there's nothing more thankless than highlighting your hair only to find it looks exactly the same kidding, if you plan on toning your hair at home it's best to stick with a shampoo or hair mask shampoo for helping keep the. If you have black hairor like dark dark dark dark brown hair that's basically blackit can feel because you can actually reinvent a deep hue with a just few strategically placed highlights, so just let your current base color guide you to the best at home highlighting kit for you if you have light brown hair.

Additionally your stylist will be able to determine whether warm or cool toned highlights are best for your complexion related: how to update your dark brown hair for summer though the highlights