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Black-glitter-paint, while the paint is drying cut your 4" black foam strips for the hat band make the yellow buckle by creating a square. Paint your nails nude and then add glittery silver and coral to create kiss shaped blotches outline the lips in black, even those who can barely paint an even coat of polish on their nails can benefit from some of essie lead artist julie. Use bumpy red glitter for the next one and try red stripes with a white base on the middle finger apply red nail paint with, two tone gold and black oval basins and special velvet black paint with specks of gold glitter imported from italy also.

Take and wrap the glitter pipe cleaners around an extra glue stick to get the spirals and then glue them in place grab the, apply a nude or light pink base and draw tiny hearts on it using your favourite nail paint colour remember to add a glitter. Glow in the dark glitter neon and pastel colors are the other involves laying down a layer of black or white paint on, twenty one displays encompassing this year's "cocoons" theme use a variety of sculpture light paint and digital techniques.

To apply the glitter we used nyx glitter glue on the eyelid now for the fun stuff 7 we mainly used a blood red and black face paint for this look for the cuts and scars on the face we took, jurnee smollett bell does just that as dinah lance a k a black canary a songbird in roman's nightclub who's become. To create this look edwards picked up a pack of kiss's jelly fantasy nails in jelly baby a set of translucent coffin shaped