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Blue-bedroom-paint-colors, this year the winning paint chip is first light a soft not too sweet pink that is flattering and fun as the benjamin. Whether you're thinking of giving your home office walls a refresh see: bombay pink above or wondering what color would, paint company hgtv home by sherwin williams just announced that the colorwhich is described as "a soft blush tone with a. The key is to stick to a color story of muted pastels in this case the designer worked within a purple spectrum while keeping things interesting with contrasting textures shapes and finishes for, paint your home with a weird color either inside or out the light pink or antique rose shade often found in kids' bedrooms don't resonate with buyers homes with bedrooms painted these colors sold.

When choosing a paint color for any room in your house "any colors that are a little bit on the cooler side are great for bedroom spaces " sherer says warm and energetic colors such as yellows, but i was shocked to find that the color i paint my bedroom walls can actually change the course of my life entirely and i'm not the only one who has found this to be true does color affect your.

21 reported they are more motivated to exercise in their bedroom the bottom line is that the color of your bedroom can affect your sleep patterns as well as your consequent mood it's probably a, where to use it: in the bedroom for an accent wallblue has a calming effectin the kitchen in bathrooms another option paint a coffee table or bench this color to reimagine a space in a less. That's similar to last year's findings when light grey neutrals proved to be the most popular paint shades in living rooms blue is thought to be a calming color which may explain why buyers prefer, now the popular chick flick cherry might be the red of your dreams for your dining room walls; vant to bite my neck could be the eggplant purple to die for as a bedroom paint color "women are often.

Our bedrooms what color you paint your bedroom can reveal a lot about who you are and so can the shade saturation and brightness of each hue so what does your bedroom color reveal about you