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Closet-under-loft-bed, we are always looking for better ways to live in small spaces and have shown many ideas for for storage under the bed we have even shown loft beds with walk in closets underneath but they required. This small apartment went with a strategic layout that keeps the kitchen and eating area under the lofted bed the staircase also provides a perk functioning as a hidden closet of course extra, last year the company shipped more than 5 000 orders for loft beds bunk beds and other products such as built in bookshelves closet rods to hang clothes and even desks that are designed to fit.

Do you have a ghost closet space where a closet was to be but still has not turn it into a nook with a bed under the platform you can then use the top of your platform for a different purpose, your idea of a loft bed is excellent and you may even be able to build a small closet into a corner or at the end of the don't recess it too much or it will be difficult to tuck the sheets under. For guests a cabinet in the closet houses a roll out trundle bed the arca which is designed to fit a queen mattress features a bench open storage space and a desk beneath the loft it measures, currently configured as a two bedroom loft there's space to add a bath or change the layout the home begins with a foyer.

A lofted bed frame to free up space under your bed: better homes and gardens greer loft storage bed $189 a stack of drawers that can fit into your closet or under your lofted bed: sterilite 3, an architect in delray beach fla got tired of paying more than $1 100 per month for rent and decided to look for something cheap what he got was a closet in a shared flat for $150 per month sergio.

The 789 square foot apartment has one bathroom a living room area a large walk in closet and hardwood floors it feels plenty spacious thanks to its 15 foot high ceilings and floor to ceiling, bags to the rescue ok so you don't have a linen closet or room in any other closet for that matter your next best choice is keeping your comforter under your bed make sure to protect storage