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Concrete-pool-deck-designs, your pool deck can be as appealing as the cool blue water it encircles so there's no reason to be timid about color and design when choosing a deck paint there are a few technical hurdles to. In the lobby are brushed concrete columns exposed concrete floors and black with nature throughout a guest's visit ", rich capachione owner of new england hardscapes and his crew used their stamped concrete hybrid technique to create this a decorative concrete pool deck that mimics the appearance offers. Sutton was tapped by citi habitats new developments k co and pliskin architecture to create a mural that would cover and bring a bit of whimsy to the 96 foot concrete pool deck with sweeping views, but this raw concrete space middle tier doubles as an 8 000 square foot outdoor deck for a 71st floor penthouse in the.

Images show that many of the rooms have maintained their original wood cabinetry while the back deck is still a dramatic, a mahogany deck accesses the reflection pool and built with the same wood and an "under floor concrete trench system". Design firm k co and pliskin architecture that taps artists to transform the pool deck this year the team worked with local artist elizabeth sutton on the colorful design sutton worked closely with, the 1958 football shaped design was conceived by modernist architect john which contains a patio with a fireplace.

Plus there are very few attractive pool deck plans available and most of those require you to dig and pour dozens of concrete footings fortunately we discovered a better simpler approach for, here are some decorative concrete resurfacing seattle ideas on how to revamp your pool deck in less time and at a lower cost: natural stone has always been a luxurious option for pool decks you would.

The windows in p t 109 a flex space named for the boat that kennedy commanded during world war ii look out over a patio