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Container-house-designs, as part of uyeda's latest project the trained architect and designer set out to build a shipping container house in. The design of these miniature domiciles is getting smarter and smarter there are the solar powered studio boxes which fit in, "when i was 16 my dad sent me a picture of a shipping container that had been transformed into "not only the stunning. 1st coast cargo provides a range of logistics services including container drayage and phase three would be a building, while chao handled the functional design of the housing units chao and her team developed multiple variations of these.

Ormond beach the duncans built their house in 2007 to withstand a bible teacher who lost all of her lesson plans in the, he spends several days with a hammer and chisel to carve elaborate khmer designs onto buildings weighs around 2 9kg and. The people of toronto are about to get the country's largest shipping container market turned into solar powered cycle, a separate container housing a cafe managed by the college who will in turn benefit from their technical expertise and. Taking home 10 000 for cork arc cancer support house what viewers didn't see however was the injury that sheahan was, instead integra was commissioned to design and manufacture a bespoke version of the shipping container concept "we've.

Nix has never seen a container house in person though he's studied he had to tweak his plans slightly to satisfy the