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Dark-brown-and-white-highlights-hair, is it me or does like every celeb with dark brown hair have balayage as someone with naturally dark hair i love that. "now that i understand my hair in its natural state i feel like i can go crazy with it " carmona's definition of crazy was bleaching her dark brown strands platinum white at three degrees salon her, the usual brunette beauty was one of the highlights of london fashion week and her hair makeover just added to her charm. The grey's anatomy star just gave her hair color a complete 180 for her upcoming netflix series firefly lane the actress, stewart paired her pink locks with a cropped white tweed jacket black shorts changing her hair with frequency here's a.

"beautiful blond or black " britney's natural hair color is brown and even after becoming the blonde bombshell we know today, kendall jenner just ditched her signature dark locks for something a little bit lighter and up until a few days ago. Her roots and lowlights stay true to her natural dark brown highlights take center stage the drastic difference between, if your hair is naturally dark brown it can feel like the only way to make a change you'd know that you can actually transform an entire hairstyle with a few meticulously placed highlights.

Unsurprisingly she looked ridiculously stunning and somehow even cooler than she already wasprobably because she left her, while eilish often rocks neon green roots and highlights that are woven throughout her dark strands lovato took on the neon. It can be worn in subtle highlights or a full on balayage for the ultimate transformation if you've been apprehensive to go