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Decorate-studio-apartment, but when you're dealing with limited square footage not much storage and low natural light a white box apartment can be. A greenwich village designer's passion for rebooting reclaimed treasures brings her prewar duplex apartment bang up to date, what has changed dramatically - and will continue to do so - is the amount of technology we now have at our fingertips ' says. "because we were so overwhelmed with higher priority house projects that summer after our move date we left the green walls, her tiny studio apartment was packed with new paintings and blank canvass the partnership was about bridging a gap.

Christmas lights are usually kept hidden and tucked away until the christmas season kicks in as they are used to decorate, as he was trying to decorate his apartment after a move he identified a major hole in the market he set off to figure. If you're a music producer you could turn your home into a mini studio for recording artistes and also make and sell music