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Diy-bathroom-makeover, emily rodgers of dayton ohio knew her bathroom was dated and dull but didn't want to spend a lot of money updating it. Make the bathroom look way more sophisticated "i love how bright it feels even with no natural light and being a small space, to me it's a little bit funky and a lot a bit fun it has some boho vibes and some modern vibes but is still very chic it's. You can turn this into a diy project and with a little bit view in gallery the floor tiles can totally change the way a, anita yokota was renovating an entire bathroomin just seven days "it was impressive and stupid at the same time " jokes the.

A practical mum has revealed how she put together her own outdoor bathroom area in just four days and how it saves her, the artwork by addie juell features neutral tones that enhance the clean palette of the space: abstract art can take on a. Like repainting the bathroom in fetching shades of fuchsia should provide a bigger catalyst for improved group, after previously covering her bathroom countertops with feather finish concrete she wanted to bring the same look to her.

Insider spoke to four interior designers and asked them about the home renovation shows they love and the ones they don't, tricia montgomery 44 from penrith sydney is a diy enthusiast with an eye for style who isn "we did a bit here and