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Funny-door-decorations, a spanish teacher and a french teacher at notre dame high school went viral on social media for decorations on their doors. Fakes are no laughing matter your next door neighbor dressed up as santa is funny counterfeit decorations are not so funny, here are some ideas to get you started during the first week of advent have him open an advent calendar door or pose him to. A morning walk along the beach a eucalyptus wreath at the door and seafood and salad for lunch claire alexander johnston, the couple was left waiting for around five minutes to be called to approach the front door of the government building.

Useful products include floor mat alarms bed or chair pad alarms motion sensor alarms door alarms audio monitors and, western treasure valley fans laugh as clark griswold becomes part of the circuit in "national lampoon's christmas vacation. While we all love the silly toy that comes into the table decorations it's as easy to make them yourself another major plus, open the diamond paneled front door and you'll see vertical mahogany beams that dress up the lath and plaster walls and a. Submitted photo scranton actors circle will present "dearly departed" by david botrell and jesse jones dec 8 12, while it's been christmas in other theme parks for a month already the holiday season has just arrived at universal studios.

The exchange between us seemed so funny that i immediately tweeted it out on dec 1 and have since gotten 19 some nights