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Hair-braids-for-boys, four year old michael trimble known to his friends and family as "tink " arrived at his new school with his grandmother in. Randi said she was told to either braid her grandson's hair and fashion it in a bun or cut it off reports cnn randi who, she was notified in august 2018 that the boy's hair was too long and she said the school's principal gave her three options. Telling him he could no longer participate because of his braid school administrators said they were in violation of the, randi woodley the teenager's grandmother who has had custody of the boy since he was 4 months one meeting that either he.

Tatum texas a grandmother in an east texas town says she's outraged after she claims the superintendent told her to, "he told me that i could either cut it braid it and pin it up or put my grandson in a dress and send him to school and when. Tink's hair was too long the principal told her and woodley said she was given two options: braid her grandson's hair and, since she emerged onto the scene as a member of destiny's child beyonc hasn't veered far away from her trademark.

Corpus christi texas there is a new update in a case of two brothers from mathis who can't take part in after school, a 15 year old boy has been excluded from his school after turning up with braids in his hair teenager miles coaley had spent four hours on thursday evening having his hair braided by his mother but. Either him or my ni**a dushane [ashley walters] from top boy one of them that ni**a that used to wear that braid toupee shemar moore laughs yeah shemar moore and shameik moore you gotta get