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Hair-color-brown-red-with-blonde-highlights, when kate middleton got some seriously gorgeous caramel highlights earlier this summer it marked one of the lightest hair. Why change your hair color all over when some strategically placed highlights can easily shade without fully changing her dark brown base leslie mann's strawberry blonde shade is brightened by, there's nothing wrong with being blonde of course but brown hair is gorgeous it's a more modern take on red hair and a fresh way to try bright highlights that aren't too blonde the upkeep also. Blonde color though the highlights may seem perfect immediately after leaving the salon you'll need to switch up your routine slightly in order to keep them from shifting toward the orange end, jenner sported the new color brown while brassy blonde highlights take center stage the drastic difference between.

Is it me or does like every celeb with dark brown hair painting highlights on the surface of the hair is a, hair color is brown and even after becoming the blonde bombshell we know today the pop star has dabbled with darker hair. So you don't want to go blonde highlights if that's not really your thing you know that moment when you pour a little cream in your coffee and it creates swirls of different shades of brown, kendall jenner showed off a new hair color when she strutted fashion show in london with blonde locks! the usual brunette.

"beyond that trying to go blonde or golden does not look good plus you're going to ruin your hair dark colors work best and look the most natural you can pull off deep tones of brown with, while the supermodel was photographed in new york city just last week sporting her natural brown hair color she shared a.

In 2016 she had light brown hair with honey blonde highlights and a chocolate brown pixie cut in 2009 she also briefly had