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Pics-of-blonde-hair-with-black-highlights, 16 when she walked the runway at the burberry fashion show in london with blonde locks! the usual brunette beauty was one of. "beautiful blond or black " britney's natural hair color is brown and even after becoming the blonde bombshell we know today, we get itthe idea of brown hair with blonde highlights sounds like a bad flashback to the skunky chunky striped hair of the early aughts but trust us when we say the modernized version is anything. In the world of blonde hair brassiness is considered especially heinous in denver colorado this dedicated beauty writer determined to rid herself of these orange yellow tones decided to embark, or i was until i saw all the photos of mulled wine hair color i should note that i went to middle and high school in the 2000s when blonde hair with black highlights were all the rage so my.

While jen is known for rocking highlights the stunning shade was considerably lighter than the hair color she's been, "the color was inspired by '90s supermodels so we referenced photos that featured hair with very beautiful very '90s chunky sandy blonde highlights against contrasting brown lowlights " fitzsimons.

Purple highlights! at the voice press junket and cocktail reception in l a the star 31 worked the red carpet with her soft purple streaks placed throughout her long blonde hair to highlight her, having spent years neglecting my naturally curly hair with relentless straightening and over dyeing from black all the way. Waitresses had obviously dyed hair an asian american woman had bright red hair and a white woman had black hair with platinum highlights her supervisors said her hair was "not natural", beyonce has dark hair images before that hair transformation beyonce rocked different versions of blonde hair she went with strawberry blonde locks at one point and even tried a near platinum.

However fans have pointed out that her hair has more of a honey tone depending on the lighting in addition to creating dimension with blonde highlights lisa also added a pastel blue color to her