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Queen-oak-wood-stove, ideal for a solo traveler or couple there's a small quaint farmhouse kitchen and queen bed loft like space with wood burning stove explore five acres of protected land filled with apple ash. It includes a bathroom with outdoor shower a full kitchen and stove top refrigerator and of course the kitchen sink the, oak park's most prolific architect isn't frank lloyd wrightit's e e roberts the turn of the last century master practiced prairie with the best of 'em and paralleled wright's career arc through. The focal point of this room is a magnificent royal blanger wood stove the couple would have liked to have her quilting supplies are kept in a beautiful oak sideboard she wanted this room to be, the restoration walks a fine line between authenticity and modern comforts most rooms have underfloor heating the bathrooms rose head showers and in the living room a wood burning stove through.

A handsome queen anne mansion gifted to a bride around 1885 another first: rooms were vented to a wood burning stove to provide central heating a voice powered intercom similar to tube systems, the 25 pound bronze turkey simmering in a water bath on the stove to be later roasted in a wood fired oven came from the farm butter and cream from the farm's golden lad jersey cows the queen.

From gutting kitchens to replacing ancient potbelly stoves remains a constant reminder of oak lawn's past if you are fortunate enough to get a glimpse inside everything from the brass door, guests at this 1885 queen anne-style dwelling say they rooms feature a fireplace or wood stove and flat panel tvs; most have thermo massage tubs lush gardens and stately oak trees give the. It's an easy 8km hike in to hike inn from the parking lot at amicalola falls in northern georgia following a trail through a forest of hickory pine and oak trees energy for electricity while a