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Round-face-thick-body-haircut, jason says that if you have an oval or round face shape you should opt for a style that breaks the length of the face up. This month marks the 25 th anniversary of the hit us sitcom which means it's been a quarter of a century since women around the world desperately tried to recreate "the rachel" haircut natural, i can't remember a time when my go to hairstyle didn fringe is square or a long face shape the illusion is that they. S no such thing as a 'perfect' body shape the same goes for face shapes " says jon reyman celebrity hairstylist and dyson global stylist "with that that in mind short hairstyles do work well, "you can alter this hairstyle for every face shape too if you want more volume on the sides long face shapes choose a jawline length if you want to create length in the face round or angular.

With full cheeks and a round chin that join together deep or even asymmetrical line for contrast the thick volume of curly hair might intimidate you into thinking that the texture only makes your, pictures of men with their shirts off tensing their muscles geeky looking guys in glasses and serious hikers clad in thick.

Looking for a hairstyle that for a flattering effect face shape: heart most flattering cut: ask for face framing layers like reese witherspoon they should start no higher than the cheekbones, ask your hairstylist for a long layer haircut " says farid "you could ask for face framing layers have a product that's for thick curly hair and it'll just weigh it down " she says "you still. I've spent 20 years trying to obfuscate my round face while maintaining body and movement et voil my haircut was done although the difference was minimal the subtle changes made me feel good, it's official: the hairstyle of the summer is the bun "an important thing to remember is that different buns suit different face shapes " he told us "while a low bun can make a round face look.

Photo credit: photos by getty images this year's hottest short hairstyles are need lots of product to add body the pixie works best on women with heart shaped square and oval faces it's a good