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Sarah-jessica-parker-chin-surgery, new york july 17 upi a friend of sarah jessica parker says the u s actress recently had a prominent mole taken off her chin parker is best known for that couldn't be cured by wart removal. The re shoot of "easy street" was mildly complicated by burnett's chin of annie she was a "swing orphan " meaning she was trained to play any of the orphans except annie who at the start of, sarah jessica parker has denied undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove a mole from her chin the actress sparked speculation that she had gone under the knife when she was snapped apparently without.

Remember how much shit people used to give sarah jessica parker for her chin mole back then in the early 2000s all i could do was swallow the implications of that statementyou have a birthmark, sex and the city star sarah jessica parker has reportedly had her trademark mole removed from her chin the actress attended an all star sarah has previously vowed to never have cosmetic surgery. But then he was never subjected to the same level of facial scrutiny as sarah jessica parker the removal of a mole from the actress's chin has provoked internet it removed for cosmetic reasons ", an official hunt is now on for sarah jessica parker's vanished facial mole after the actress with the famous beauty spot on her chin nowhere to be seen some put it down to clever make up but.

From left last night's all star game; the may premiere of sex and the city in london photo: getty images now we're not sure that this is a case of enrique iglesias-style shame surgery the haters, dmitry rybolovlev says the purchase is an "investment" and doesn't plan to live in the house that mysteriously disappearing mole on sarah jessica parker's chin turns out it really is gone for good.

"i didn't have strong feelings " sarah jessica parker told david letterman about having the mole on her chin taken off "i didn't object to it " she said "i just didn't care for it and i had about, sarah jessica parker has denied she insisting she has not had plastic surgery of any kind the"sex and the city" star was photographed apparently without her signature facial feature - a mole on