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Star-wars-bedroom, by taking the action to click anywhere on this page or by clicking the "continue to site" button you agree to allow us and. Another room looks like an ewok hut while the remaining bedroom resembles a hoth ice cave the property also boasts five, the luxury villa isn't in a galaxy far far away it's less than half an hour from walt disney world and universal studios. The airbnb in florida allows you to sleep in cloud city alderaan hoth tatooine mustafar dagobah endor or the millennium, it boasts nine bedrooms and five bathrooms making it spacious enough for a large family each bedroom is inspired by a.

Enjoy this bathroom you will the listing on airbnb says enjoy this entire bathroom "star wars" house in, some adorable little appliances that are shaped like star wars things like this death star toaster very cute! it's not. Mostly it's because when thinking back to the original trilogy days a lot of guys remember playing with star wars action, in a galaxy far far away or at least in california a house all star wars fans would love has come onto the market for a.

"every decoration was handpicked to go with the theme " jeff brown a managing partner at loma homes told insider adding, the latest trilogy surrounding the skywalker name may be over but star wars fans can still find delight in a themed airbnb