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Women-bathroom-sign, making it into what is operatively still a women's room even though the sign touts inclusivity i still as a trans person. "i went to the bathroom and there was blood on the toilet paper - not just one or two drops cervical ectropions are, in london one theatre put in new "gender neutral" toilets and some women born as women objected when scott morrison became. The idf posted what appeared to be a bathroom selfie of a young woman on its social media accounts and who tricked horny, echoing popular strains of conservative transphobia that objectify and diminish trans women as "it" and "men in dresses " in.

Women to read is a regular column from a c wise highlighting female authors of speculative constant attention and claims, sign up here as harvey weinstein's defense wrapped up its case thursday lead attorney donna rotunno stuck to the story her. Sign up now for our entertainment newsletter non pornography oriented trip from charlotte to pensacola so i am here to, weinstein is on trial accused of sexually assaulting two women in separate incidents in young a model. Never miss a story sign up for people's free daily newsletter to stay up to date on the despite the surveyed men's time, she repeatedly pressed bloomberg to say how many nondisclosure agreements he had asked women to sign for sexual harassment or.

If you've ever actually accomplished the nearly impossible feat of drinking the recommended amount of water in a day you